Who We Are

Our Vision

View of water and hillside

Our goal at Water Pathways is to enhance the value of water through local business growth.

We help further opportunities that include ventures in agriculture and food production and in the development of food related services and industries.

Overall we specialize in providing an integrated geotechnical, business, and legal/regulatory analysis to assist the planning and implementation of water related ventures for local economic development.


One of our key features is to assist in maximizing the benefits of an improved water supply through local business growth and economic development.  The sale of treated water provides one type of business opportunity; however, fuller realization of the value of water is potentially possible through commercial ventures in agriculture, food production, food services, and in businesses associated with these commercial activities.

In southern Zimbabwe, raised bed farming and drip irrigation methods have been successfully implemented, but scaling up to a viable business venture remains limited by water availability. We are currently assisting with groundwater study proposals and exploring possible methods to better leverage available water supplies for agricultural production.

One promising option under evaluation is aquaponics. This is where a small spatial footprint, minimal water requirements because of water recycling, and low equipment and operating costs yield significant value from the protein source in fish production while also producing green vegetables under accelerated growth conditions.  An improved and reliable water supply also offers the opportunity for more successful livestock and poultry production for food supply. We are in the initial stages of evaluating a range of possible opportunities to better realize the value of water through commercial ventures. Considerable anticipation exists in scaling up agriculture ventures such as aquaponics and positioning them for social impact entrepreneurship, public-private partnerships, and private sector investment.


We provide consulting services related to designing and implementing water supply projects and supporting business ventures facilitated by improved water supply.

How do we do it?

  • Assess water needs and the local hydrogeologic potential for raw water abstraction.
  • Analyze applicable legal and regulatory provisions for water resource management and water services.
  • Coordinate with government agencies, technology providers, and funding partners in preparing project proposals that create value in water through local business growth.


The founding of Water Pathways, LLC in 2016 was an outgrowth of working with two U. S. based nonprofits where part of their missions was helping communities in eastern and southern Africa obtain access to clean, safe, water.

However, beyond benefits such as improved community health, improved access to water was seen to have broader implications in creating business opportunities and local economic growth that may not be fully realized without appropriate interventions and assistance.

Water Pathways therefore sought to assist by first of all identifying needs and critical issues for improving access to clean water.  Information gathering and a project proposal to address these needs then became the basis for partnering with development organizations and funding sources for the design and implementation of water supply that in turn can serve business growth.

People and Collaboration

Steve Malecek, as founder of Water Pathways, LLC, has expertise and experience in geoscience applications, new ventures, and legal analysis for international energy and water development.

International experience of over thirty years includes assignments in the US, UK , Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia as a geophysicist in exploration and new ventures with Mobil/ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, PetroTel Consulting, and Kosmos Energy, holding  positions as technical specialist, consultant, team leader, trainer, and mentor. 

Since founding Water Pathways, LLC, work with organizations in developing countries has focused on improving access to safe water and enabling the local private sector to leverage the value of water through successful business ventures. Published research has addressed electricity and water law reform in India, local private sector participation, and decentralized community water systems. Education includes a BA in Physics (SMSU, Minnesota), MSc in Geophysics (UBC, Canada), MSc in Engineering Management (Missouri S&T-Rolla), MBA in International Business (UT-Dallas), and an LLM in Energy Law and Policy, and PhD in Water Law and Policy, both from the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.

The integrated approach of Water Pathways, LLC to creating value in water through business growth calls for areas of expertise and specialization in  technology, business models and practices, and an understanding of needs “on the ground” in developing countries.

A central feature of this approach is collaboration with companies and organizations that advance this purpose. 

This collaboration has been advanced  by Dr. Malecek in serving as board member with  organizations having water related objectives, and participating in international project trips to help assess local needs and specific project opportunities.


Dallas Technology Group, Carrollton, Texas – A technology company with multidisciplinary expertise in renewable energy, photovoltaics, materials science, and project management.   Currently serving as a Technical Advisor on the DTG advisory board for water and energy related project opportunities. http://www.dtechgr.com/management-advisory-board/

Thermo Water Systems, LLC, Washington, DC — An innovation company with a patented Atmospheric Water Generation system to extract and produce safe, clean water from air, for drinking, and use in home sanitation and cooking.  Currently serving as advisory board member for project evaluation and TWS system implementation.

International Fountain of Hope, Fort Worth, Texas – Nonprofit partner to rural communities in Southern Africa for water and agriculture development through water well drilling, drip irrigation projects, and training.  Currently providing advisory support as board member and a recent team participant for on-site assessment of water needs and project proposals in Zambia and Zimbabwe.   www.lovehopewater.org

New Beginnings Orphanages International, Dallas, Texas – Nonprofit organization and ministry to orphans and caregivers in Africa with spiritual, financial, medical, and educational resources.   Currently providing advisory support as board member and recent team participant in on-site project review and meeting with water authorities in Kenya.   www.nboi.org


Water Mission, A nonprofit Christian engineering organization based in North Charleston, South Carolina that designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for people in developing countries and in disaster areas.

Targeted Aquaponics Growth, A nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas addressing hunger in the developing world though the installation of sustainable food supply aquaponics systems, education in building, operating, and maintaining these systems, and training programs for local personnel; all with the long term goal expanding use of these systems for entrepreneurial ventures in local communities. http://tag2grow.org/

JAMII International Outreach Ministries, A nonprofit based in Nairobi, Kenya supporting vulnerable orphans, who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and who live in extreme poverty. JAMII provides food clothing, education, psychological guidance at no cost to hundreds of vulnerable children.