In Zimbabwe we’ve helped the local communities resolve a variety of issues.

Some highlights of the trip include:

  • Participated in meetings and site visits with IFOH to communities and projects within a 100 km radius of Bulawayo;  In-depth assessments and discussions were held near communities of Tsholotsho, Nkayi, and Gwanda in southern Zimbabwe.
  • Visited Tsholotsho area with critical water needs due to drought and a depleting surface water source, and where an unsuccessful well was drilled in 2015. An old well drilled in 1972 serves a local population of over 3,500 but needs refurbishment to improve pumping capacity.
  • Observed raised bed/drip irrigation gardens built over the past two years through a dedicated community effort; however, the beds remain largely unused because of a lack of water.
  • Toured Lukampa project in the Nikayi area showing the impact of a successful water well drilled in 2015 with productive gardens and revenue from the sale of vegetables, and an encouraged community outlook.
  • Met with community residents and leaders at Silikwe Dam near Gwanda to discuss possible treatment/distribution options for water from reservoir.
  • Met with the Applied Physics group at the National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo to discuss a possible joint-study groundwater mapping project to reduce dry hole risk with future borehole drilling.