Creating value in water through local business growth considers a significant part of this goal to be agriculture production at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Water is essential to agriculture production as are energy inputs for water delivery and associated food production processes.

Agriculture production in turn promotes local economic growth and poverty alleviation by supplying local markets and giving rise to businesses opportunities such as in food processing and distribution, restaurants, and small-scale manufacturing.

While water supply is essential to agriculture and food production, the availability of clean, safe water also has a significant economic impact through improved community health, educational participation, and overall labor productivity.

At Water Pathways we strive to help fulfill these goals of ensuring the availability of clean safe water and utilizing water productively by assisting in a range of value chain activities in an advisory and coordinating capacity.

Areas for assistance therefore include groundwater geophysical mapping and drilling recommendations, proposing water treatment and supply systems, particularly in decentralized arrangements, and identifying relevant water laws and regulations, and recommending reforms. The goal is engaging the local private sector as facilitated by the legal and regulatory framework and available business opportunities.

Water Exploration and Mapping

Water Treatment and Supply

Water Law and Policy

Private Sector Participation

Water – Enenry – Food Nexus