During one of our visits one of the major goals was to identify a way to restore fresh water to a local school and orphanage that had to shut down due to the lack thereof.

We were involved in a number of events and meetings, including:

  • Participated in meetings and site visits with NBOI and local partner JAMII Outreach Ministries, Nairobi with travel to the Nyahururu project area.
  • Led discussion and made presentation to management at the Nyahururu Water & Sanitation Company (NYWASCO) for their feedback and direction.
  • Presented three options: 1) local water treatment & distribution system, 2) new borehole, and 3) a public-private partnership (PPP).
  • Concurred with NYAWASCO recommendation against PPP because of jurisdictional complications in extending the municipal water supply to orphanage and community 20 km away.
  • Visited reservoir proposed as raw water source for treatment and distribution to orphanage and local community, but necessitating access restrictions to protect equipment, thus likely raising objections from local herders currently accessing this water on public land.
  • Discussed hydrogeological potential at visit to recently drilled water bearing borehole located 0.5 km from the Nyahururu orphanage.
  • Gained first-hand perspective from JAMII staff on the needs and challenges (including water) in running a school in the midst of poverty and overcrowded conditions in the slum area of Kibera in Nairobi.